New remix out. Burning Hearts - Modern Times( Boys Of Scandinavia Remix )

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New remix out. Prudence - Walking on Mars ( Boys Of Scandinavia Remix )

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Long quiet period ends and Boys releases new remix: James Reipas: Super Mic (Boys Of Scandinavia Remix)
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Echo is Your Love: Lion Tamer Versus Tigers (Boys Of Scandinavia remix) out now
”Why Do You Love Me” released on Pale Music's Berlin Insane IV compilation.
Sweeties : Magazine Lassie (Boys of Scandinavia remix) out now.

'Olisitko Sittenkin Halunnut Palata (Boys Of Scandinavia Remix)' released in Japan by Tokyo's Philter Recordings. Track appears exlusively on the Japanese edition of the Regina album, for more info visit

Boys Of Scandinavia: Hallucination (Live) available now for listening at Myspace. Live performance took place at at Monsters Of Pop Festival, Yo-talo, Tampere, Finland in August 06. Track was recorded, mixed and mastered by Bos soundwizard and mixing engineer Mikko Ojanen (Kruununhaka Underground Mobile)...Boys @ Myspace

Bos have decided to take some time out from the live action until end of 2006. Eventually the new adventures in post-gothic rave will continue sooner than later, in one form or another...

New BOS live photos by Kati Vihermäki at photos page
BoS featured on 'This Is Radio Tank VII' CD by Tank Magazine
The Scaramangas: Sunday Morning (Boys Of Scandinavia Remix) out now
T-Shirts available from Piccadilly Records, UK
Boys Of Scandinavia interviewed and reviewed by
Image-lehti Sue Rumba Soundi Desibeli, Phinnweb and Nitestylez

"BoS stand outside of the Killers/Bravery/Action Action circle..." Indieworkshop
"BoS are now making a name for themselves across Europe..." Emackinations
"The synth looms full of vigour, which merges catchy dance elements not unknown in Ibiza..." Room Thirteen
"The Boys, not content with electro/disco, also throw in some soaring psychedelic synth work..." Rhythm & Booze
"Lovers of macabre electro, shadowy disco and bleak guitar workouts..." Mosoul
"Why Do You Love Me?’ provides the dark heart of the cool wave scene..." Losing Today
"Shimmering, popping PIL-like pulse firing some gritty electro-funk..." Vanity Project
"Their last was on of Puregroove's faves of 2005 and this is another belter..." Puregroove
"There's a lot of Franz Ferdinand in this, and guitars hooks straight out of The Book Of Johnny Marr..." 44 Caliber
"Boys of Scandinavia have a dance quality about them..." Heathen Angel
"The chorus is hooked around the title line, fuelled by haunting effects and a solid pop refrain..." Manchestermusic

BOS live dates so far:
Fri 18/08/06 Art Goes Kapakka Festival, Vanha, Helsinki, Finland
Sat 12/08/06 Monsters Of Pop Festival, Tampere, Finland
Thu 10/08/06 Club Fag You!, DTM, Helsinki, Finland
Fri 05/08/06 UMF Festival, Turku, Finland
Sat 01/07/06 Ämyrock Festival, Hämeenlinna, Finland
Thu 13/04/06 Boys of Scandinavia DJSET, Fag You!, Helsinki, Finland
Sat 08/04/06 Klubi, Turku, Finland
Fri 07/04/06 Jyrock, Jyväskylä, Finland
Wed 05/04/06 Club Magenta, Helsinki Klubi, Helsinki, Finland
Sun 05/03/06 Popfashion 06, Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland
Sat 04/03/06 Popfashion 06, Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland
Fri 05/03/06 Popfashion 06, Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland
Sat 25/02/06 Soundscape Festival, St Peterburg, Russia
Sat 21/01/06 Kuningasklubi, Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland
Fri 20/01/06 Club Continental, Dynamo, Turku, Finland
Thu 19/01/06 Lutakko, Jyvaskyla, Finland
Wed 18/01/06 Poppikerho, Klubi, Tampere, Finland
Sat 09/12/05 Music Is Better, Liberte, Helsinki, Finland