When Afrika Bambaata sampled Kraftwerk, he also gave birth to the Boys Of Scandinavia. Boys play electro-funk how it's meant to be played, but it's their songs that leave DFA and others struggling to catch up. A studio-based collective, hailing from Helsinki, Finland, Boys Of Scandinavia make dark disco sounds, where the bassline is the mainline.

Like Liquid Liquid remixing early New Order, the bass bubbles, the guitar scratches and the vibe is a decadent disco hidden deep underground. This is house music for people who don't see the sun, 21st century No Wave all the way from the darkest depths of Scandinavia.

Boys Of Scandinavia bridge the gap between post-punk and electro-funk. Already making noise on the underground, their time is about to come.

"The resulting nouveau disco jams should appeal equally to punk-funkers, purists and fans of the the Smiths..." XLR8R

"Worse Than A Girl'is a return to the original days of death disco." Drowned In Sound

"Top tunes: Boys of Scandinavia 'Worse Than A Girl'." Migmag

"Bassline recalls A Certain Ratio so vividly...just to confuse the issue further, it also recalls LCD Soundsystem and Depeche Mode." Whisperin And Hollerin

"Stand-out track 'Worse Than A Girl' sounds like The Smiths produced by The DFA." NME

"This bruising baby insidiously works its way under you defences replete with a gloomily austere 80ís tread and a vocal that sounds like a deadpan DNA cross pollination of Morrissey and John Foxx." Losing Today

"Concussed and confuzzed art-rocking kraftwerked doings." Unpeeled